Sweden (officially the Kingdom of Sweden ), is a Scandinavian country inNorthern Europe. It borders Norway to the west and Finland to the east, and isconnected to Denmark in the southwest by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund. At450,295 square kilometers(173,860 sq mi), Sweden is the third-largest countryin the European Union by area, with a total population of over 9.9 million.Sweden consequently has a low population density of 21 inhabitants per squarekilometer (54/sq mi), with the highest concentration in the southern half ofthe country. Approximately 85% of the population lives in urban areas.

Germanic peoples have inhabited Sweden since prehistoric times,emerging into history as the Geats/Götar and Swedes/Svear and constituting thesea peoples known as the Norsemen. Southern Sweden is predominantlyagricultural, while the north is heavily forested.Sweden is part of thegeographical area o. The climate is in general very mild for its northerlylatitude due to significant maritime influence, that inspire of this stillretains warm continental summers. Today, Sweden is a monarchy and parliamentarydemocracy, with a monarch as head of state. The capital city is Stockholm, whichis also the most populous city in the country.

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